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Bengbu First Pencil Co., Ltd. (formerly China's first pencil Bengbu Co., Ltd.) is the former Ministry of Light Industry in Anhui, the only fixed-point production of wooden pencils of professional manufacturers; key enterprises in Anhui Province, the state two enterprises. Company employees 407 people, covers an area of 23,671.06 square meters, the plant area of 27,685 square meters, all kinds of general-purpose pencil equipment more than 300 sets, with total assets of 535,883,900 yuan, with an annual output of various types of pencil 360 million. Major producers of high, medium and popular products of all types of more than 40 varieties of pencils. The main products are: China licensing 101-2B college entrance examination special pencil, the Great Wall brand pencils, Fifi licensing 2B college entrance examination special pencils, senior leather head pencil, drawing series pencils, stained head drawing, hot roll printing and six-color, twelve , Twenty-four color pencils and so on. Complete product range, quality and stability.
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Pencil lead
Graphite and clay are used in raw materials and auxiliary ma...

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Bengbu first pencil Co., Ltd.

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